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Third Wave of Coffee

The Scandinavian Coffee Pod Cheltenham - part of the third wave of coffee

Speciality Coffee Culture - This is sometimes known as the third wave of coffee which started predominately in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Scandinavia.

It is a movement around the world to produce the highest possible quality of coffee from farm to cup to appreciate the great range of flavours that can be achieved from different coffee varieties and regions.

The movement sees coffee as an artisan product, not just a commodity drink – similar to wine. This coffee culture has seen improvements at all stages of production - coffee plant growing, harvesting, and processing. It has also recognised the great social responsibility of coffee to build better relationships between coffee growers, traders and roasters so everyone benefits from the sale of coffee, especially the often impoverished regions where coffee is grown. To produce coffee at the highest level demands great skills and knowledge from the farmers through to the coffee roasters and baristas serving the coffee. Often it is only the end product that is seen in the form of a Flat White or Cappuccino, but to reach that great end product, the highest possible quality has had to be maintained through growing, harvesting, processing and roasting. Speciality coffee has given rise to direct trade in coffee where coffee roasters often travel to the farms and work directly with the farming communities, producing very high quality single origin beans (beans from just one farm) that inspire coffee with complex flavours.

Speciality coffee culture has also given rise to many new ways of making coffee such as Aeropress and various pour-over methods like Chemex – inspired by the new flavours that can be extracted from high quality lighter roasted beans than traditional dark roast espresso.

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