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Our Story

The history of the coffee pod

The Scandinavian Coffee Pod is a speciality coffee roastery based in Cheltenham, England and Hamar, Norway. We ethically and carefully source seasonal coffee beans from the world's finest farms. We are passionate about roasting coffee which both delights the person drinking it and the farmer who grew it.

We don't hide away among great machines and smoke. Our micro coffee roastery is located in central Cheltenham, England, attached to our unique coffee bar to bring our coffee closer to your doorstep. Unique, right down to the bright yellow pod which we designed, served our first coffees from and gave the business its name.

The Scandinavian Coffee Pod was first conceived in September 2014 by founder and designer James Ecendance; operating from our tiny 5 square metre glass and steel coffee pod - designed to showcase the art of speciality coffee learnt in the coffee houses of Oslo, Norway. Expert coffee mind Chris Shadforth joined James in 2015, bringing with him 10 years roasting experience from the forefront of the speciality (or specialty!) coffee movement in Australia.

We are a growing family but at our heart is still the original 5 square metre glass and steel coffee pod; now the permanent entrance to our building and where all coffee is made.

Lovingly hand roasted. Full of wonderful flavour. Respectful to the farmers in often poor regions of the world. Kind to the soils. The Scandinavian Coffee Pod.